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Should Rush Limbaugh have resigned from ESPN football? Is he really a racist?



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MTU Course Support

ITT Course Support




ITT Technical Institute

Course Support

Links to online information in support of Mr. Powers' Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology courses.


ITT Tech Virtual Library
Your portal to educational and career information.

Extensive links and general information on electronics, from the fundamentals of radio to data sheets.

Integrated Circuit Information
Need pin-outs for that IC or transistor?  These sites can help!

General Electronics Information
Links to a range of sites with information on electronics circuits and components.

Weekly Electronics Articles
A collection of selected articles on developments in electronics engineering technology, updated weekly.

Summer 2003

Digital Electronics I
A study of the fundamental concepts of digital electronics, focusing on combinatorial logic.  In lab, students construct, test, and troubleshoot digital circuits.

Communications Systems I
Several methods of signal transmission and reception are covered, including such techniques as mixing, modulating, and amplifying.

Digital Electronics II
Continuation of the study of digital electronics, focusing on sequential logic.

Control Systems
Examine the control of systems with programmable units (PLCs).   Application of digital logic to control industrial processes is emphasized.


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