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Alternative Music Stations

"Underground Radio" playing Alternative music only on the Internet. from St. Louis, MO. 

All Danz Radio
Eighteen channels of music from Rock to Alternative, Country to Top 40 and 60's & 80's to Adult Contemporary.  (Windows Media Player)

The best of Techno Electronica and turntablism on the internet.   (RealPlayer)

Artlibitum Radio
Playing electronica, techno, & house music only on the Internet.   (MP3)

Basic.ch Internet Radio
Live and archived electronica music only on the Internet!  (RealPlayer)

Barnes & Noble Radio
Providing 17 channels from pop to jazz, classical to rock, country to blues, kids to new age music.  (RealPlayer)

BBC Radio 1
Playing popular & alternative music from England.  Clicking on "Listen" pops-up a new window with an embedded player.  (RealPlayer).  

Five channels of Internet-only music from the Center of Broadcasting with Alternative, Country, Hip-Hop, Latin, and Rock music.  (Windows Media Player)

Beta Lounge -- 8 PM PT Thursdays
A weekly webcast of electronic and dance music with over two years of archives.  (RealPlayer)

This Internet-only broadcast has over 50 channels of music from Rock to Alternative,  Urban to Jazz, & to Classical to Country, and more.   (RealPlayer)

Bud Radio
Five channels of today's hottest music from Budweiser, with rap/hip-hop, alternative, rock & pop, dance and punk/metal music!  (Windows Media Player)

Twenty channels of music from Country & Rock to Jazz & Top 40 to Classical and Alternative with modem and broadband speeds.  (Note: home page loads slowly)  (Windows Media Player)

With eight channels of music from Rock to Pop & Jazz to Country & Metal to Rap and Alternative only on the Internet.  (Windows Media Player)

CIBL 101.5 FM
Playing a variety of music from Jazz to Blues to Classical to Alternative, this French-language station is in Montreal, Canada.  (RealPlayer)

City Internet Radio
"Progressive Radio on the Net" broadcasting online from Cleveland, OH.  (Windows Media Player)

CKDJ 96.9 FM
"Ottawa's New Music" playing alternative and independent music from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  (RealPlayer)

News and Alternative music broadcasting from Edmonton, AB, Canada. 

An Internet-only broadcast solicits unsigned bands for airplay, with jazz, country, rock, alternative, classical music and more.  (RealPlayer)

This station plays new and innovative music only on the Internet from Dallas, TX.  (RealPlayer)

Dance Radio Omega
"Euro Dance Radio" playing Progressive and Dance music only on the Internet.  (RealPlayer)

Digitally Imported Radio
"The Best European Techno and Trance On The Net" only online, with channels for modem and broadband speeds.  (MP3)

DJ Lithium
DJ mixed Trance music at its best only on the Internet.  The website loads a bit slowly.  (MP3)

An outstanding Internet-only webcast of smooth, eclectic grooves.  Look for the "stream" icon on the left side.  (RealPlayer)

Eins Live
Hot alternative music from Kohn, Germany.  Click on the speaker symbol at the top of the page.  (RealPlayer)

"The Hebrew Radio on the Web" with six quarter to half hour clips of music from 80s hits to techno.  Uses a pop-up remote control window.   (RealPlayer)

An Internet-only cybercaster playing a variety of music from rock to pop to alternative to soul from Miami, FL.  (RealPlayer)

Flipside Radio
80s New Wave and 90s Alternative music on the Internet.  (MP3)

Broadcasting from New Orleans, LA from 5 PM to 3 AM CT, this Internet-only station plays Electronica/Alternative music.  (RealPlayer)

Features the music of independent, unsigned up and coming artists and broadcasts from Austin, TX.  (MP3)

Webcasting for the global lesbian, gay, bi and transgender community, including live alternative music and news/talk plus on-demand programs from SeaTac, WA.  (RealPlayer)

Alternative music from The Eclectic Radio Company in Boulder, CO.  (RealPlayer & QuickTime)

Groove Radio
Playing Electronica, Techno, Dance, House and Future Rhythms online.   (RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, & MP3)

Hacked-Up Radio
"Upbeat Music to Make Work Go Faster" playing alternative rock only on the Internet.  (MP3)

Heavy Hamster Radio Network
Playing Heavy Metal music only on the Internet.  (MP3)

House of Blues Radio
Internet radio from the House of Blues playing rock, blues, jazz, alternative, ska and country music.  (Windows Media Player)

iCAST Streams
Twenty-five channels of music from Rock to Adult Contemporary, from Top 40 to Alternative, & from Jazz to Country.  (MP3)

In Perpetual Motion
A weekly six hour internet-only broadcast of independent artists and a mix of gothic, industrial and electronic music.  (RealPlayer)

An Internet-only broadcaster with Alternative Rock, Electronica, and Urban music channels.  Look for the "Launch Radio" at the upper left.   (RealPlayer)

interFACE Pirate Radio
This Internet-only London broadcaster plays Alternative music from 4 PM to 4 AM British Time (11 AM to 11 PM ET) and all weekend from four servers.  (RealPlayer)  

Internet Student Radio
On-demand audio clips from England on several topics from news to finance, including cuts from independent music artists.  (RealPlayer)

A weekly show about independent musicians & song writers from the Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine.  (RealPlayer)

Playing a variety of music on the Internet, from rock to alternative & from jazz to pop.  Warning -- going to this site automatically opens a new window.   (RealPlayer)

Student-run internet-only radio playing a variety of music from Urban to Alternative for more from California State University - Long Beach.  (Windows Media Player)

Kaotic Radio - KAOR
This internet-only webcast plays commercial free alternative music.  (MP3, RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

KBGA 89.9 FM
Student-run radio playing Alternative & Modern Rock Music from the University of Montana in Missoula, MT. 

KBTZ 107.5 FM
"The Buzz" playing Alternative music from Houston, TX.    (Windows Media Player)

KBUX 91.1 FM
"The Underground", a student run radio station at Ohio State University in Columbus.  (RealPlayer)

KCR 1620 AM
Alternative music from San Diego State University. There's an online form so you can submit your requests!

Underground Radio with on-demand broadcasts of Jazz, Electronica, and Metal.   (RealPlayer & MP3)

King Arthur's Jazz
Smoothest Jazz and New Age music with low and high speed (over 56 Kbps) connections.  (MP3)

KPIG 107.5 FM
"CyberPork" plays alternative rock music from Freedom, CA.   They claim to be the first commercial radio station to broadcast on the Internet.   (RealPlayer

KSPC 88.7 FM 
"Underground Alternative Radio" from the campus of Pomona College in Claremont, CA.  (MP3)

KSYM 90.1 FM
"Your Only Alternative" broadcasting from San Antonio College in San Antonio, TX.  (RealPlayer)

KVCU 1190 AM
"The Best Independent Music" a student-operated radio station from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.  (RealPlayer)

KVSC 88.1 FM
"Your Sound Alternative" broadcasting from Saint Cloud State Universty, Saint Cloud, MN.  (RealPlayer)

KWBU 107.1 FM
"Radio Free Waco." a student-operated radio station playing indepedent, cutting edge music from Baylor University in Waco, TX.  (RealPlayer)

KZSU 90.1 FM
An eclectic, student-run radio station from Stanford University. Programming includes Stanford University sports broadcasts.

This Internet-only broadcaster has two live channels of Alternative music, plus on-demand programming.  The live channels require a 56K or faster connection.   (RealPlayer)

Loud Like it Should Be
Indie Rock, Punk Rock and Alternative music from Dallas, TX.  (RealPlayer & MP3)

LycosRadio provides Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Country, Jazz and Urban music.  (RealPlayer)

Music Monster Network
Providing a place for independent music artist to get their music played to the world of the Internet!  (RealPlayer)

Music Sojourn
On-demand cuts from albums in sixteen categories from Alternative, Oldies, Rock, Soul and Folk.  (RealPlayer)

Broadcasting a variety of on-demand music from the 80s and 90s including rock, alternative and more only on the Internet.  (Windows Media Player)

"Music for the Mind and Body" playing Indie Rock & Alternative music (mind) and dance music (body).  (RealPlayer)

Providing 120 channels of music from Blues & Classical to Country & Jazz and from Rock & Kids to Pops & Alternative.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

Alternative and Electronic music only on the Internet from Germany.   (MP3)

Northwest Underground Radio 
Modern electronic dance music only on the Internet.  (RealPlayer & MP3)

NRJ -- France
Hot music online including hits, house/techno & dance music from Paris, France.  The site and broadcast is in French.  (RealPlayer)

Netscape Radio
Ten channels of music from alternative to classical, country to jazz, and oldies to rock.  (RealPlayer)

NoWhere Radio
This Internet-only broadcast presents new and up & coming independent artists.  You can request a song from the playlist!  (MP3)

Para Radio
Playing mixed Pop music only on the Internet including Alternative, Hip-Hop and Rock.  (MP3)

Partytown Radio
Playing alternative and pop music only on the Internet.  The slowest speed channel includes updates on Low Power FM.  (MP3). 

Persian MP3
Two channels of traditional Iranian and alternative music.  (MP3)

This internet-only broadcaster carries new bands playing a variety of music including Rock, Alternative, and Country.  (RealPlayer)

An Internet-only broadcast with Canadian Punk, Rock, Ska and Metal bands.   (Windows Media Player)

Radio 105
"One-O-Five" radio playing alternative music from Muttenz, Switzerland.  (RealPlayer)

Radio Citta Futura 97.7 FM 
Alternative and electronica music from Rome, Italy.  (RealPlayer)

Radio Dex 
Electronic music from Sydney, Australia.  Pages load very slowly.   (Windows Media Player)

Radio Free World
This Internet-only broadcast includes a range of Alternative music from new age to eletronica.  (RealPlayer)

Radio Hairball
This is an on-demand, one hour weekly Internet-only program of Alternative music.  (RealPlayer

This site has on-demand programs from rock to classical, pop to jazz, and alternative music.  (MP3)

Worldwide Hard Rock, Alternative and Limp Bizkit channels of music only on the Internet with modem and broadband speeds.  (MP3)

"Transmodern Music & Culture" playing five channels of Electronica and Dance music online.  (RealPlayer)

24 hour Techo Internet Radio Station, broadcasting from Boulder, CO.   (RealPlayer)

Playing Metal and Techno music only on the Internet.  (MP3)

Four channels of music including Classic Rock, Alternative, Country, and Classical Music.  (MP3)

Real Synthetic Radio
Playing Industrial and Electronica music on-demand only on the Internet, there are 3 RealPlayer streams from modem to broadband plus archives.  (RealPlayer plus Windows Media Player and QuickTime)

Rock'n'Roll Shakedown
Playing indie rock, alternative country, and rock music from St. Louis, MO.   (RealPlayer & MP3)

Rolling Stone Network
From Rolling Stone Magazine, this site offers Pop Hits, Modern Rock, and New Wave channels.

Playing alternative, dance, hip-hop and electronica music only on the Internet.  Site includes a chat room.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

Spike Radio
An Internet-only broadcaster of eclectic alternative music. Clicking this link will cause a pop-up window player to appear. 

Static Radio
Modern rock, jazz, blues, & alternative music from this Internet-only site using Imagine Radio's listener sharing capabilities.  Hosted on Tripod.   (RealPlayer)

Playing alternative music with three streaming speeds and promises to be highly interactive!  (RealPlayer)

Thump Radio -- Sunday 2 to 4 PM ET
A weekly two-hour show playing electronic music, with interviews of artists in the electronic music industry.  The site includes archives of past shows.   (RealPlayer)

Virtually Canadian
Playing a wide variety of music tending towards electronica, raggae, heavy metal & punk rock.  The web pages are generally very large and slow to load.   (RealPlayer)

WDST 100.1 FM
"The Legendary Station" from Woodstock, NY plays alternative music with an emphasis on new artists.  (RealPlayer

WEBX 93.5 FM
"Web 93.5" playing alternative music from Champaign, IL.   (RealPlayer)

Ween Radio
The website of the deconstructionist alternative band Ween streams the songs from their albums.  (MP3)

"The Out Sound From Way In!" playing "swankadelic" sounds only on the Internet.  The mix includes free jazz.  (RealPlayer)

WKNC 88.1 FM
A student-run, non-commercial station playing rock and alternative music from the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. 

"92J" broadcasting Alternative Music and public service programming from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL. 

WNNX 99.7 FM
"99X.com" playing Alternative music from Atlanta, GA.   (RealPlayer)

Woofur Radio
Playing a variety of music from independent artists only on the Internet.   (Windows Media Player)

WPRB 103.3 FM
Student radio from Princeton University, New Yersey playing music from Classical to Folk to Jazz to Alternative & Indie Rock.  (RealPlayer)

WRAX 107.7 FM
"107.7 Xpress" playing Alternative Rock music from Birmingham, AL.   (Windows Media Player)

WRCT 88.3 FM
Free-form radio from Pittsburgh, PA's Carnegie Mellon University.

WSHL 91.3 FM
College radio broadcasting a variety of music including rock, country, alternative, and urban from Stonehill College in Easton, MA.  (RealPlayer)

WUSM2 Internet Radio
Alternative music from the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS.  Scroll to the bottom for the live broadcast.  (RealPlayer)

This student-run plays Alternative music on the Internet and on the campus of American University in Washington, DC. 

Xfm 107.9 FM
"Dublin's Alternative Music Station" broadcasting from Dublin, Ireland.  (RealPlayer)

XTC Web Radio
An Internet-only broadcast of Epic Trance and Underground music, including Acid and Hard Trance at modem and broadband speeds  (MP3)

Zero24-7 Web Radio
This internet-only radio stations plays progressive independent, alternative music from Washington, DC.  (RealPlayer)



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