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Hits-Pop Music Stations

101.1 TTFM
"Double T FM" broadcasting modern pop music from Melbourne, Australia.  (Windows Media Player)

102.3 FMania
Hit music and talk from Jakarta, Indonesia.

104.6 FM RTL
"Berlin Hits Radio" playing popular hit music from Berlin, Germany.   (RealPlayer)

2DAY 104.1 FM
Playing "Today's Best Music" from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  (Windows Media Player)

2FM OnLine
Popular, hit music from Dublin, Ireland.

4KQ 693 AM
"Brisbane's Classic Hits 4 KQ" playing hits from the 60's to today from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  (Windows Media Player)

6MMM 96.1 FM
Popular hits radio from Perth, Western Australia.

8HA Sun FM
"In Touch with Life" playing top hits and rock music from Alice Springs, Northern Territories, Australia.  Click on the player arrow under the center logo to start the webcast.  (RealPlayer)

All Danz Radio
Eighteen channels of music from Rock to Alternative, Country to Top 40 and 60's & 80's to Adult Contemporary.  (Windows Media Player)

Top hit music from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  (RealPlayer)

Barnes & Noble Radio
Providing 17 channels from pop to jazz, classical to rock, country to blues, kids to new age music.  (RealPlayer)

BBC Radio 1
Playing popular & alternative music from England.  Clicking on "Listen" pops-up a new window with an embedded player.  (RealPlayer).

Billboard Radio
Listen to a selection of the week's top hits from Billboard on this Internet-only broadcast.  (Windows Media Player)

Black World Radio Network
With thirty-two channels of music from Blues, Classical, Religious, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Hits.  (Windows Media Player)

This Internet-only online broadcast plays pop rock music.  (Windows Media Player)

BRMB 96.4 FM
Hit music from Birmingham, England.  (RealPlayer)

Bud Radio
Five channels of today's hottest music from Budweiser, with rap/hip-hop, alternative, rock & pop, dance and punk/metal music!  (Windows Media Player)

Twenty channels of music from Country & Rock to Jazz & Top 40 to Classical and Alternative with modem and broadband speeds.  (Note: home page loads slowly)  (Windows Media Player)

Capital Radio 99.5 FM
"99.5 Capital Radio, Turkey's Hottest Music" playing Top 40 hits with an American touch from Ankara, Turkey.  (RealPlayer)

With eight channels of music from Rock to Pop & Jazz to Country & Metal to Rap and Alternative only on the Internet.  (Windows Media Player)

CCN Hit Radio
From the Christian Community Network, this internet-only radio station plays hit music.

"WebRadio Created by You!" from Germany with 'Livestream' popular music and a service where you select the songs (free registration required).  The website is in English and German.  (RealPlayer)

Playing 12 channels of music from Rock to Top 40 hits, Jazz to Country and Classical to Urban.  Requires free registration.  (Windows Media Player)

CKIK 107.3 FM
"Power 107 FM" playing Contemporary Hit Radio from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  (Windows Media Player)

CKNG 92.5 FM
"Power 92 FM" playing Contemporary Hit Radio from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  (Windows Media Player)

CKRA 96.3 FM
"MIX 96" playing the best hits from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   (RealPlayer)

CKYQ 95.7 FM
"With the Rhythm of Your Emotions" with 80's and 90's Pop music from Plessisville, Quebec, Canada.  The site and announcements are in French.   (RealPlayer)

CKZZ - 95.3 FM
"Today's Best Music" broadcasting from Vancouver, BC  (RealPlayer)

This Internet-only broadcast has six channels of Christian music including Rock, Pop, Gospel & Urban.  (RealPlayer)

"Power Pop Plus" playing power pop favorites only on the Internet.   (MP3)

This Internet-Only station provides 8 live channels and over 120 on-demand programs from Rock to Oldies to Jazz, from Salem, MA.  (RealPlayer)

EDGE 102.1 FM
Playing Hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s from Wangaratta, Australia, this station takes requests by email.  (RealPlayer)

Energy 103.4
Mainstream hits from Berlin, Germany.  The site and broadcast is in German.  (RealPlayer)

European Hit Radio
An online webcast from Lithuania.  (Windows Media Player)

An Internet-only cybercaster playing a variety of music from rock to pop to alternative to soul from Miami, FL.  (RealPlayer)

Flashback Radio
Three channels of mostly 80s music from rock to pop and hits to soul.   (MP3)

Fox FM 101.9
Hit and rock music from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Scroll down and click on "Enter the Fox Here."  (Windows Media Player)

Heart 106.2 FM
Playing London's best music mix with popular songs from the 80's, 90's and today from London, UK.  (Windows Media Player)

Highland Radio
"Ireland's Most Listened to Local Radio Station" playing hits and local programming from Donegal, Ireland.  (Windows Media Player)

Hit Radio Online
Hit music all the time on this internet-only ImagineRadio based broadcast.   (RealPlayer)

"Today's Hot New Music" playing Top 40 Hits online.  (MP3)

iCAST Streams
Twenty-five channels of music from Rock to Adult Contemporary, from Top 40 to Alternative, & from Jazz to Country.  (MP3)

"i-DISC Internet Digital Jukebox" broadcasting Popular music selections and on-demand from Singapore, Malasia.  Also in Chinese. 

The Jacksons
"An American Dream Radio Station" playing the music of The Jacksons, The Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson.  (MP3)

Playing a variety of music on the Internet, from rock to alternative & from jazz to pop.  Warning -- going to this site automatically opens a new window.   (RealPlayer)

Jangle Radio
This Internet-only broadcaster plays Power Pop and Melodic Rock.  (MP3)

Hit music only on the internet from this ImagineRadio based cybercast.   (RealPlayer)

KBIG 104.3 FM
"K-BIG 104" playing an upbeat mix of Hit music of the 80's, 90's and today broadcasting from Los Angeles, CA.  (RealPlayer)

KBOS 94.9 FM
"B95 - The Place to B" playing Hits from Fresno, CA. 

KCHZ 95.7 FM
"Z95.7 FM Playing Today's Hit Music" broadcasting from Kansas City, MO.  (RealPlayer)

KEEE Radio
On-demand half-hour popular music show updated daily with selected archives.   (RealPlayer)

KHTN 104.7 FM
"Hot 105 FM" playing the hottest Hits from Merced, CA.   (Windows Media Player)

KIIS 102.7 FM
Top 40 hits from the "City of Angels"; Los Angeles. (RealPlayer)

Playing modern music from Cyprus.  Announcements are in the local language.  (RealPlayer)

Kiss 102.4 FM
Playing popular hit music from Helsinki, Finland.  (RealPlayer)

KJR 95.7 FM
Classic hits broadcast from Seattle. Request your favorite song online!

KKSS 97.3 FM
"Kiss Online" broadcasting today's hottest Top Hits from Albuquerque, NM. 

KLZR 105.9 FM
"The Lazer" playing Top 40 Hits from Lawrence, KS.  The website is under construction, but the music plays on!  (RealPlayer)

KMTT 103.7 FM
"The Mountain" plays popular hit and rock music from Seattle, WA.   (RealPlayer)

KNHC 89.5 FM
"C89.5" playing pop-hits music from Nathan Hale High School in Seattle.  (RealPlayer)

KPLZ 101.5 FM
"Star 101.5 Playing The Best Mix of 80's, 90's and Today" broadcasting from Seattle, WA. 

KXPT 97.1 FM
"The Point" playing classic hits from las Vegas, NV.  This is a 32 Kbps stream, requiring at least a 56K modem connection.  (RealPlayer)

KY2K Radio
This internet-only station plays a variety of popular music.  (Windows Media Player)

"Featuring the Best Pop and Classic Rock Music from the 70's, 80's & 90's"  (MP3)

Rock and Pop music from Stockholm, Sweden.  Click on the center graphic and then on "Lyssna" to start the online broadcast.  (MP3)

"The hottest radio station on the net" playing hit music from Sydney, Australia.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

Providing 120 channels of music from Blues & Classical to Country & Jazz and from Rock & Kids to Pops & Alternative.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

NKPL Pulse 22.5
Top 40 hits from Oklahoma City, OK.

no problemo Web Radio
This Internet only station plays Top 40 Hits from Paris.  The website and broadcast are in French.  (RealPlayer)

NRJ -- France
Hot music online including hits, house/techno & dance music from Paris, France.  The site and broadcast is in French.  (RealPlayer)

Broadcasting your choice of popular, oldies, or dance music from San Diego, CA.

Persian Radio playing popular music from Iran.  (MP3)

Partytown Radio
Playing alternative and pop music only on the Internet.  The slowest speed channel includes updates on Low Power FM.  (MP3). 

Perfect Ten
Hit music from Singapore (mostly in English).  (RealPlayer)

Phoenix Radio Net
An Internet-only broadcast with 5 channels of music from jazz to country, hits to R&B, and local artists from Phoenix, AZ.  (Windows Media Player)

Plasma Radio
This on-demand broadcast highlights five works of the group "Plasma" playing jazz and pop music.  (RealPlayer & MP3)

PopStar Radio
Playing Indie Rock, Power Pop and Pop Rock music only on the Internet.    (RealPlayer & MP3)

Pop Top Central
From DiscJockey.com for today's young teen pop music fan.  Look for it in the 90's Channel.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

PowerNet All Hits
Playing today's hottest hits and recent favorites on the Internet.   (MP3)

PowerNet Internet Radio
Playing a variety of music from Alternative to Top Hits to 80s music only on the Internet.  (Destiny Media Player)

Radio 101
Top hits from Moscow, Russia.  (RealPlayer)

Radio 105.0 FM
Playing today's top hits from Milano, Italy.  (Windows Media Player)

Radio Bankok
This station bill's itself as "Thailand's No 1 Hit Music Station" from Bankok, Thailand.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

Radio Evropa2
From the Czech Republic, this local language station plays hit rock music.   (RealPlayer)

Radio Fantasica
Broadcasting talk radio at modem speeds and pop/hits at broadband speeds (over 56Kbps) in Dutch from Amsterdam, Netherlands.  (RealPlayer & MP3)

Radio M1
European Hit Music from Vilnius, Lithuania.  (Windows Media Player)

This site has on-demand programs from rock to classical, pop to jazz, and alternative music.  (MP3)

Rolling Stone Network
From Rolling Stone Magazine, this site offers Pop Hits, Modern Rock, and New Wave channels.

SA-FM 107.1
Top hits music from Adelaide, South Australia.  (RealPlayer)

Samara-Maximum 104.3 FM
Playing top hits from Russia and around the world from Samara, Russia.   (RealPlayer)

Storm Radio
"The Future has no Frequency" playing pop-hits from England.   The embedded player pops-up and begins playing when you click on the site's link,   (Windows Media Player)

Teen Idols
From DiscJockey.com, the music of the boys and girls who rule the teen mags.   Look for it under the Speciality Genre.  (RealPlayer)

Top 40 Live Radio
Top 40 hits from the United States, United Kingdom & around the world only on the Internet.  (Windows Media Player)

tu 1/2 *en vivo*
Hit music from Monterrey. In English and Spanish.

VH1 atWork
VH1's 24 hour a day streaming audio service broadcasts from News York, NY and allows you to listen to their best music online.  (RealPlayer)

WBAM 98.9 FM
"Star 98.9" playing "Today's Hit Music" from Montgomery, AL. (Windows Media Player)

WBTS 95.5 FM
"The Beat" playing contemporary hit music from Atlanta, GA.   (RealPlayer)

WEZN 99.9 FM
"Star 99.9" with continuous hits of the 80s, 90s, and today from Bridgeport, CT.  (RealPlayer)

WKHQ 105.9 FM 
"Hits 106 KHQ" playing top 40 hits from Charlevoix, MI.   (RealPlayer)

WKIE 92.7 FM
"92 KISS FM" playing top hits from Chicago, IL.  (Windows Media Player)

WKPK 106.7 FM 
"The Peak" playing today's best music and top 40 hits from Gaylord, MI.  (Windows Media Player)

WKQS 101.9 FM
"Sunny 102 WKQS FM, Today's Best Hits" broadcasting from Marquette, MI.  (RealPlayer)

WMGK 102.9 FM
"Philadelphia's Classic Hits Station" from Philadelphia, PA.   (Windows Media Player)

WMXO 101.5 FM
"Mix Interactive" plays Top Hits from Olean, NY.  They use RealNetworks' G2 technology to provide the best possible audio quality.  (RealPlayer)

WNCI 97.9 FM
This station plays Top 40 Hits from Columbus, OH.  (Windows Media Player)

WPLJ 95.5 FM
"New York's Hit Music Station" broadcasting from New York City.  

WRVW 107.5 FM
"The River" playing "Today's Hit Music" from Nashville, TN. 

WSOO 1230 AM 
"Radio Soo" with talk radio and hit music from Sault Ste. Marie, MI   (RealPlayer)

WSTO 96.1 FM
"Mix 96 STO" playing "The Best Mix of the 90's, 80's and Today" from Owensboro, KY.  (Windows Media Player)

WXLO 104.5 FM
Playing the "Best Mix of the 80's, 90's and Today" from Worcester, MA. 

WXST 107.9 FM
"Star 107.9" playing the Hits of the 80s ... and more from Columbus, OH. 

WWZZ 104.1 FM
"Z104, Today's Hit Music" from Washington, DC.  (RealPlayer)

WZJM 92.3 FM
"Jamming 92.3" plays the hottest Pop and R&B music from Cleveland, OH.  There's a webcam in the studio and the image of the DJ on the page updates once per minute. 

WZYP 104.3 FM
"Today's Best Music" playing Top 40 Hits from Huntsville, AL.   (Java-based Player)

Xerp Radio
This station top hits and accepts requests based on the extensive MP3s the DJs have available.  (MP3)

YorkSound Internet Radio
"Good Times & Great Music" playing popular music only on the Internet from Dunnington, York, England.  (Windows Media Player)



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