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Variety Stations

All Songs Considered
NPR's first webcast includes full versions of the music used during "All Things Considered."  (RealPlayer)

bFM 95.0 FM
This station offers a variety of programming from Auckland. The morning program's introduction (1900 UTC weekdays) must be heard to be believed!  (RealPlayer)

CBC North Radio
Broadcasting from Canada's Arctic coastline, this site has links to the audio from five Canadian Broadcasting Corp. stations.

CHAS 100.5 FM
"The Sault's Mix 100" playing more variety music from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. 

China Radio International
This is the English language broadcast of the People's Republic of China's international radio service.  (RealPlayer)

An Internet-only broadcast solicits unsigned bands for airplay, with jazz, country, rock, alternative, classical music and more.  (RealPlayer)

This Internet-only webcast includes an eclectic mix of music and news-talk.   (Windows Media Player)

Broadcasting a variety of programming from Burnaby, BC, Canada.

EarDrum World Music Radio
A diverse selection of music from around the world for those enjoy or want to learn about world music.  (RealPlayer)

An Internet-only cybercaster playing a variety of music from rock to pop to alternative to soul from Miami, FL.  (RealPlayer)

F.A.K.E. Radio
This Internet-only station broadcasts a variety of programming with DJs from around the world.  (RealPlayer)

House of Blues Radio
Internet radio from the House of Blues playing rock, blues, jazz, alternative, ska and country music.  (Windows Media Player)

Imagine Radio
This Internet-Only broadcaster allows you to select the musical artists that comprise the music you hear online! 

InfoWeb Radio
An Internet-only station playing a variety of programming, from Rock to Jazz to Talk, from New York City.  (RealPlayer)

KCRW 89.9 FM
Three channels of programming from the live simulcast of the Public Radio broadcast plus World News and Music channels from Santa Monica, CA.  (RealPlayer)

KDHX 88.1 FM
Playing a variety of music and public affairs programming, this independent non-commercial station broadcasts from St. Louis, MO. 

KFAN 107.9 FM
"Texas Rebel Radio" playing a wide variety of 'Texas' music from bluegrass to rock-n-roll!  This station broadcasts from Fredricksburg, TX. 

KIND 105.9 FM
"Micro Kind Radio" broadcasting from San Marcos, TX. This low power station is broadcast from the director's home!

KNSX 93.3 FM
"93x FM" playing a wide variety of music from St. Louis, MO.   The broadcast is separate from what they locally and concentrates on their global, internet audience. 

KSCR 104.7 FM
Playing a wide Variety of music, this student-run station broadcasts from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA. 

KY2K Radio
This internet-only station plays a variety of popular music.  (Windows Media Player)

LV3 700 AM
News and music from Cordoba, Argentina.  (RealPlayer)

Playing "Just the Good Stuff" from the last four decades only on the internet.  (WinAmp)

Minnesota Public Radio
MPR roadcasts two audio streams on the Internet; one with Classical Music and the other with News and Music. 

New Era Radio
"Music and Talk Radio for a New Civilization" with a wide variety of on-demand programming.  (RealPlayer)

This Internet-only station plays a variety of music from Hartford, CT.  (RealPlayer)  

NWEZ Netradio
This Internet-only station plays a variety of programming including classic rock and hip-hop using RealNetwork's G2 SureStream.  (RealPlayer)

Online Gaming Radio -- 6:30 PT Saturdays
A weekly talkshow featuring interviews and live talkshows with professionals in the Internet Gaming industry.  (MP3)

Currently only on the internet, this daily four hour webcast of all kinds of music originates from Fort Collins, CO.  (RealPlayer)

Quantum Radio
"Only the dedicated survive" playing a world of music from Azabyzhan to Zanzibar from Australia.  (RealPlayer)

A diverse and eclectic mix of music from country to jazz and blues to surf.   (RealPlayer) 

Radio Disney
"The Radio Station Just for Kids", this Internet-Only station broadcasts music and information for and about kids under 12 from Dallas, TX. 

Radio Juno Beach
This Internet-Only station plays a variety of music from small-label musicians and is located in Minneapolis, MN. 

Radio Woodstock
"The Woodstock Music Mix" of artists old and new, this Internet-only station broadcasts from Woodstock, NY.  (RealPlayer)

RTRFM 92.1
Public radio with a wide variety of programming from Perth, Western Australia.  (RealPlayer)

Live from Johannesburg, South Africa, this station broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, commentary, and music.

Stratolite Brand Radio
"EZ hi-fi sounds for the modern world."  A mix of Oldies, classic jazz, and today's best mellow music.  (RealPlayer) 

Travel Radio Channel
Dedicated to the world of travel, TRC broadcasts the musical culture of the world!  (MP3)

WAKE 1620 AM
Student-run radio playing a variety of programming from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.  (MP3)

WBTU 89.3 FM & 640 AM
Student operated radio station from Boston University with a wide variety of music and talk show programming from Boston, MA.  (RealPlayer)

WCHC 88.1 FM
This student-run station in online from 7 AM to 2 AM ET from Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA.  The link is at the bottom of the page.   (RealPlayer)

WCSB 89.3 FM
This student-operated station from Cleveland State University plays a wide variety of programming.  (WinAmp & Audioactive)

WEBR 94.5 FM
Public radio playing a variety of programming from Fairfax, VA.   (RealPlayer)

WITR 89.7 FM
"Modern Music and More," this student-run station plays rock, jazz, hip-hop & alternative music from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.  (RealPlayer)

WJSZ 92.5 FM
"The Castle Z92.5" broadcasting a wide variety of  music from Owosso, MI. 

WMBR 88.1 FM
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's campus radio playing a variety of music from Bosto, MA.  (RealPlayer)

WMSE 91.7 FM
Broadcasting an ecletic variety of programming from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, WI. (Windows Media Player)

WNAV 1430 AM
Playing a variety of programming from news, sports and music from Annapolis, MD.  (RealPlayer)

World Music Radio
Member-supported internet radio playing mix of diverse ethnic music from around the world.  (RealPlayer & Windows Media Player)

WMNF 88.5 FM
A listener-supported community radio station, broadcasting a wide variety of programming from Tampa, FL.  (RealPlayer)

WOWL 91.7 FM
A student-run and funded station with a variety of music including rock, country, alternative, & more from the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.  (RealPlayer)

WXPN 88.5 FM
Member-supported radio with a wide variety of music from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.  (Windows Media Player)

WYEP 91.3 FM
"Where the Music Matters" Public Radio playing a variety of music with public programming from Pittsburgh, PA.  (Windows Media Player)

Yahoo! Radio
This Internet-only station provides a wide rage of musical programming from Jazz to Rock and from Country to Classical and Oldies.  (RealPlayer)



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