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Should Rush Limbaugh have resigned from ESPN football? Is he really a racist?



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Radideo.com Polls

Is Rush Limbaugh a racist?
Should he have resigned from ESPN due to this comment?

Rush Limbaugh resigned from ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown" last week after commenting on the show that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Donovon McNabb, was overrated because the media wants to see a black quarterback succeed.

Is Rush a Pill Popper?
It's alledged that Rush Limbaugh bought illegal drugs on the black-market for years and that he is under investigation.

Do you agree with Tom Leykis?
Tom Leykis states that he revealed the name of the woman accusing Kobe Bryant of sexual assault because he believes you can't "...have a fair trial where you know the name of one person and not the other."


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