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Definitive Collection of Radio Links

Here's an ever-evolving index of useful and/or entertaining Net resources about Radio, organized by category and compiled by your guide.

Amateur / HAM Radio

Ham -- Callsigns
Lots of sites that will help you locate fellow enthusiasts.

Ham -- General
A hobby enjoyed by people worldwide.

Ham -- How-To
Homebrew ham for new and experienced enthusiasts alike.

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Internet Radio Stations

Adult Contemporary
Including easy listening, this kind of programming also overlaps with soft rock and Top 40 hits.

Includes New Wave and eclectic music forms.

Online stations with cool blues.

Beautiful music by orchestras and similar music groups.

College online radio stations.

Highly popular music from America's heartland.

Stations with this programming play music from the Top 40 charts.

International Stations
Some notable International Radio Stations that broadcast over the internet.

Internet-Only Radio
It seems paradoxical that a 'radio' station wouldn't have any actual radio transmissions, but this is an active and fascinating niche.

Improvisational music developed from blues and ragtime in America.

Live Online Shows
Day by day listing of live online audio shows. 

MP3 Webcasters
Webcasters using the MP3 format for their digital audio streams.

Local and national news and talk-radio programs.

Songs of yesteryear if you're young, songs from your dating days if you're a Baby Boomer!

On-Demand Programs
Streaming audio programs that you can access whenever you want!

Public and non-commercial stations. 

Religious programming and music.

Rock and Roll!

Scanners Online
A collection of special radio broadcasts over the Internet, including scanners and controllable receivers.

Slow Speed Stations
For those still suffering with slow speed connections, these stations have audio feeds that work with 14.4 kbps data speeds. 

Your favorite sports over the Internet!

Teen Radio
Links to webcasts for teens. 

US Stations
Over half of the Radio Stations that broadcast on the Internet in Real-Time are from the United States!

Includes Rap and Hip-Hop.

Stations that have a wide mix of programming.

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Radio Hosts

Hosts -- Art Bell
Listings about the host of "Coast to Coast." 

Hosts -- A-H
Alphabetized listing of radio talk show hosts and their websites.

Hosts -- Dr. Laura
Her website, her opinions, and what others think of her.

Hosts -- Rush Limbaugh
Websites pro and con the most popular radio talk show host. 

Hosts -- I-N
Alphabetized listing of radio talk show hosts and their websites.

Hosts -- O-Z
Alphabetized listing of radio talk show hosts and their websites.

Hosts -- Howard Stern
Differing views from fans and foes.

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Radio Professional Links

Broadcast Support Software
Software systems that support station operations for both traditional and internet radio. 

Career Training
Education and tips on how to break in.

History of Radio
Radio's rich history. Old programs, etc.

Radio Job Listings
Links to radio job databases.

Radio Newsgroups
There's a recent proliferation of newsgroups on radio, so pick and choose.

Radio Publications
These are publications dedicated to, what else? Radio.

Show Prep
For radio producers and dj's, mostly free prep stuff.

Web Directories
Grouped listings of radio stations.

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Radio Programs

Programs -- Christian
Radio shows of interest to all Christians.

Programs -- College
Time-honored tradition of quirky shows from colleges and universities

Programs -- For Families
Oh, those Saturday morning shows for the little ones. Remember?

Programs -- Health
Learn how to take care of yourself and your family.

Programs -- Home Arts
Gardening, home improvement, homemaking.

Programs -- Media
Movies, acting, television.

Programs -- NPR
Get some culture in your life, Jack!

Programs -- Sports
There is a lot of audio about sports out there! Check this out.

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Radio Station Websites

Radio Stations
Websites for radio stations organized by state and city.

Stations -- Classical
National listing of classical stations and their websites.

Stations -- College/Public
Listing of college and public radio stations. 

Stations -- Country
National listing of country stations and their websites.

Stations -- International
International stations on the 'Net. Listen all over the world!

Stations -- Jazz
National listing of jazz stations and their websites.

Stations -- News/Talk
National listing of talk stations and their websites.

Stations -- Pop/Hits
National listing of Top 40 stations and their websites.

Stations -- Religious
National listing of Christian stations and their websites.

Stations -- Rock
National listing of classic rock stations and their websites.

Stations -- Urban
National listing of Urban stations and their websites.

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Webcasting Technical Information

Audio Streaming Players
In addition to a modem, sound card, and speakers, your computer will need one of these free, downloadable players in order to listen to Internet Radio.

Audio Streaming Servers
Want to broadcast audio on the Internet?  Look here for links to Audio Streaming Servers! 

Read about the best current books on live Web Radio!   

Internet Streaming Devices
Devices designed to connect to your computer or directly to the Internet to provide streaming media. 

Streaming Web Host Providers
Look here for streaming media host services. 

Webradio Newsletters & Mailing Lists
Read about the streaming audio industry and interact with others in the industry. 

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