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Should Rush Limbaugh have resigned from ESPN football? Is he really a racist?



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Internet Streaming Devices

This is a FM receiver that connects to your PC through a USB port.  You can record programs as WAV files and convert them to MP3 format. 

This personal scent synthesizer will be activated through streaming multimedia and is expect to be available in spring 2000. 

Kerbango Radio
Under development for early 2000 availability, this device will connect directly to the Internet and will not require a PC. 

Panja 1000
This broadband entertainment gateway can control your home network; it also recognizes audio/video streams from the Internet and interfaces with a home entertainment system. 

As you might expect from the name, this is a Linux-only device that's in development and promises to free you from your computer and it's speakers. 

Radio Webcaster
This device connects to your computer's sound card and transmits the audio on a low power FM channel and supports stereo. 

SonicBox Tuner
Under development for early 2000 availability, this high speed device (requires Cable Modem or DSL) will be a PC add-on that transmits on a low power FM channel.   


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